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The Next White Sox GM Christmas Exchange

In the spirit of Christmas I will be giving gifts to all the teams, players, and friends who have impacted my life, so here we go.

Chicago White Sox; Jason Kubel

The left-handed power bat the Sox need.

Paul Konerko: The Fountain of Youth

Hopefully Konerko can find the fountain of youth just as easily as Chicagoans find Buckingham fountain, especially being the last member of the 2005 World Series Champs.

Tyler Flowers & Gordon Beckham: Hitting Lessons

Flowers & Becks could use all the help he can get and I would be willing to invest $105 to ensure some success at the plate for the young catcher & second baseman.

Chris Sale: AL Cy Young Award

Sale is filthy and will be a strong contender for this award in 2013. Hopefully he can win it.

Joe Mauer: AL MVP Award

I just want it out of Detroit, and Mauer is one of my favorite players, so it may as well go to him.

Minnesota Twins: Beer

Twins fans will not want to remember the next couple of years. Just losing two of their better players and the division improving has not improved their chances at a division crown.

The Royals, Tigers, and Indians: Coal

I don’t like these three teams, and I hope they all lose…really badly. (Sorry, inner fanboy came out there.)

Robin Ventura: Advil

A lot of headaches are in store for the second year Sox skipper.

My good friend and roomie next year, Mateo: White Sox tickets

Only redeemable at U.S. Cellular Field buddy!

My Readers: Good Health, Family, Friends, and Baseball!

But mostly baseball…

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays to all!